FAQ’s About Documents

1. How long does it take to receive the documents for my new vehicle?

   A. The overall process takes on average of 2-3 weeks.  Copart will begin their title processing after payment is made, and send it to us after their processing is complete.  The timeframe can fluctuate depending on the volume of titles that particular yard is processing at the time.  Once our office receives the title you will be contacted that day, and if all fees are paid and all information is provided, our title department can get your title sent out in as little as 1 day.

2. Do I have to put the same name on the title as I registered with?

   A. No you do not.  The title can also be put in a relative’s name, a Company name, or a friend.  If you have a company you wish the title to go in we would need a copy of the license.  However, in the case where you purchased the vehicle for a client of yours, we will not be able to put the title in your client’s name, you will be required to obtain a title in your name first before you can reassign it to your client.

3. Can I register a vehicle with a junk title, certificate of destruction, or a bill of sale?

   A. Unfortunately no, no state will accept any title/document that is meant for scrap or parts only.  The only title types you are allowed to register are clean or salvage certificate of title.  The following documents types are not meant for registration and can only be used for parts to rebuild a different vehicle, or scrap metal:  Scrap title, Certificate of Destruction, Junk Vehicle bill of sale, Parts Only bill of sale, and Non-Repairable Title.

4. What is a salvage title?

   A. A salvage title is issued to vehicles that have sustained damage and/or have been deemed a total loss by an insurance company that paid a claim on it.  The criteria for determining when a salvage title is issued differ greatly by each state.  A salvage title cannot be registered for highway use due to it not being safe for the driver and everyone around them.  Every salvage title issued has a different story behind it, whether it was a severe accident or the vehicle was stolen/vandalized, and we strongly encourage all of our bidders to do proper research on every vehicle they intend to purchase.

5. What does it mean if the vehicle has a “reconstructed” (rebuilt) title?

   A. After a vehicle is issued a salvage title due to the insurance company claiming it a total loss, you have the chance to rebuild the vehicle back to manufacturer’s specs and following your state’s safety guidelines, and receive a reconstructed, or rebuilt, title to be eligible to register the vehicle again.  When it comes to purchasing a vehicle with an already rebuilt title, you may not know the history of the vehicle such as the extent of the damage, the quality of repairs that were done, so it is very important to research the history of the vehicle and get it inspected.

6. How do I get a salvage vehicle inspected?

   A. Each state has different requirements/regulations when it comes to a salvage inspection.  The most important points are getting the vehicle fully repaired and back to manufacturer’s specs, and finding a state licensed inspector to inspect the quality of the work.  You may contact your local DMV to ask for a list of available inspectors in your area, as well as a list of requirements. 

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