1. How can I get assistance with transportation of my vehicle?

   A. There are transport companies located all around the U.S., in every state, and can be searched for online, or by hiring a transport broker to find a transporter for you.  We can assist with finding a transporter for you, as we have access to a nationwide loadboard that transporters all across the U.S. use to book loads.  

2. How can I get information about transportation of my vehicle?

   A. If you hire a third-party to book transport for you they will provide you with all required information such as dates, price, contact information, etc.  If you choose to have us find transport for your vehicle we will provide you with the information at the time the transporter is booked.  You will receive an email from us containing the transporter’s name and contact info, driver’s contact info, pickup and delivery dates, and the exact amount you will need to pay.

3. Can I pick up the vehicle myself?

   A. Per Copart’s terms, a licensed transporter is required to remove vehicles from Copart’s premises.  If you attempt to pick up the vehicle yourself and Copart denies you then you will need to hire a local towing company/transporter to remove the vehicle from Copart premises.  

4. Do you assist with shipping vehicles outside of the U.S.?

   A. Our overseas shipping is limited, as we only use a freight forwarder located in NJ, and we only ship to certain parts of the world.  The shipping availability may change from time to time, depending on what the rates and availability is with our freight forwarder.  For availability and prices it is best to contact our office prior to purchasing the vehicle to make sure we will be able to assist you, and to get current rates.  The process for overseas shipping is lengthy and can take some time to arrange so it is always best for you to obtain all necessary information/prices prior to your purchase. 

5. Can I drive the vehicle out of the yard, or does it have to be towed?

   A. That will depend on the condition of the vehicle, and the title type.  If the vehicle has a salvage title you are not allowed to drive it on the roads until it passes proper salvage inspections.  If the vehicle has a clean title and is in running condition you are able to drive it out of the yard, with the proper paperwork.  Just like all legal running vehicles, you will need to obtain temporary proof of insurance as well as temporary registration in order to legally be able to drive it out of the yard.  And of course always have the vehicle inspected to ensure it will run and drive, before making plans to drive the vehicle from the yard.

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